Fast Facts


Menstrual care products cost too much, and we're not happy about it. You shouldn't be, either. Here are some facts to illustrate our point.


Big Money.

The menstrual product industry is a $15 billion dollar a year market.

Luxury Tax?

40 of out 50 states tax menstrual products, even though 45 out of 50 states exempt sales tax on “necessities.” Are menstrual products a necessity? Absolutely.


40 million women live in poverty in the United States.

40 years of overspending.

If you menstruated for the average length of 40 years, you will spend $2800 on period products. Now double or triple that if you have another person with a period or two in your family.

Candy & Soda > Tampons?

10 states in the U.S. exempt candy and soda from taxation, but still tax menstrual products (including Georgia, Michigan, New Mexico and Vermont).